GRE Word List iPhone app

If you are preparing for the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), you may find my GRE Word List iPhone app useful in the verbal section.

GRE Word List (Full):


✔ Favorites – you can add words to your favorite list and edit/delete them.
✔ Search – search for any given word or words in the list.
✔ Edit notes – Edit quick notes about any particular word for reference.
✔ Fast navigation using finger flick or navigating using left and right arrows.
✔ Words are indexed and listed alphabetically with smooth scrolling.

GRE Word List (Lite):

Download the app today.

Link to GRE Word List (Full):

Link to GRE Word List (Lite):

Please send your comments, feedback and suggestions for improvement here. Thank you.


How to use Google Talk on iPhone with Google App hosted domain

iPhoneWhen you try to use Google Talk on your iphone with a Google App hosted domain, it insists that you use an account.

The [not publicized] URL to get past this is

Just replace DOMAIN with your domain. And you can get on Google talk on your iPhone or iPod touch on your Google App hosted domain.

More URLs here.