December 2009 Web Server Survey – nginx grows


In the latest Netcraft December 2009 web server survey, Nginx web server showed a substantial growth of 0.53% since last month. Good news for Nginx users.

Most of the other web servers Apache, IIS, and lighttpd have a reduction in usage.

I’m a big fan of Nginx and use it on most of the development and production websites. Apart from the low memory footprint as compared to Apache’s huge memory consumption, web pages load on Nginx very fast.

Personally, I prefer Nginx taking all the HTTP load and proxying the PHP/Perl/Python requests to Apache. Other ways of running PHP and Perl scripts are by forwarding those requests to a FastCGI server.

I’ve also tried PHP-FPM on a development machine; PHP has to be patched and rebuilt for this. But since PHP-FPM has not been maintained for a while, I decided against using it for production servers. (Looks like they have made some progress with PHP-FPM).

Are you a new convert to Nginx? What do you like most about this webserver? Which method do you prefer for running PHP/Perl/Python scripts?


Domain expired!!

Oh no! Deccan Chronicle’s short domain name expired on December 9th. Is it going to be renewed or is anyone going to cash on this domain name? Anyone at Deccan Chronicle reading this?

Deccan Chronicle parking page

Topper Denied Medical Admission Because He Is Underage

The EAMCET exam medical topper was today denied admission into medical college because he is 15 days underage!

According to Deccan Chronicle,

The Eamcet medical topper, Mr A. Sairam, was denied a MBBS seat by the NTR University of Health Sciences because he was 15 days below the qualifying age of 17 years. Mr Sairam was, as per the date on his SSC certificate, 16 years 11 months and 16 days old on December 31, the Eamcet cut-off date.

As per norms, Eamcet officials should have rejected his application. They considered it on “humanitarian grounds” after requests from his parents. On July 17, his father, Mr Ankam Anjura, a farmer from Venkatampet village of Nalgonda, approached the Chief Minister’s Office for help. Mr Prabhakar Reddy, special secretary, directed Mrs Lakshmi Par-thasaradhi, principal secretary, higher education, to issue a GO relaxing age norm for Mr Sairam. She issued the GO on July 18.

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Oracle Corporation buys Sun Microsystems

Oracle acquired Sun today for a stock price of $9.50 per share in cash.

The transaction was made for $7.4 billion, or $5.6 billion net including Sun’s cash and debt.

Hopefully this acquisition goes in the positive direction. I’ve had issues with BEA WebLogic support after BEA was taken over by Oracle. Their support team is virtually non-existent now. WebLogic versions are barely being upgraded.

Looks like Oracle’s press release page has already been slashdotted.

Content Server Request Failed

Server is too busy to handle request.

Via Slashdot.

Bush and Intrepid: Happy Veteran’s Day

Before reading the article, I thought for a second Bush had embraced Intrepid Ibex or saluted veterans starting using Ubuntu’s latest Intrepid Ibex.

No, actually he paid tributes to the American soldiers at the rededication ceremony of the USS Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum. I salute these brave soldiers who are serving America in different parts of the world and join others in praying for their safe and quick return.

Happy Veteran’s Day. Particularly to my good friend Don Martin and the other veterans who frequent my blog.

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