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Oh no! Deccan Chronicle’s short domain name expired on December 9th. Is it going to be renewed or is anyone going to cash on this domain name? Anyone at Deccan Chronicle reading this?

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Topper Denied Medical Admission Because He Is Underage

The EAMCET exam medical topper was today denied admission into medical college because he is 15 days underage!

According to Deccan Chronicle,

The Eamcet medical topper, Mr A. Sairam, was denied a MBBS seat by the NTR University of Health Sciences because he was 15 days below the qualifying age of 17 years. Mr Sairam was, as per the date on his SSC certificate, 16 years 11 months and 16 days old on December 31, the Eamcet cut-off date.

As per norms, Eamcet officials should have rejected his application. They considered it on “humanitarian grounds” after requests from his parents. On July 17, his father, Mr Ankam Anjura, a farmer from Venkatampet village of Nalgonda, approached the Chief Minister’s Office for help. Mr Prabhakar Reddy, special secretary, directed Mrs Lakshmi Par-thasaradhi, principal secretary, higher education, to issue a GO relaxing age norm for Mr Sairam. She issued the GO on July 18.

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Array O Sambar

Toor daal prices jumped to Rs. 100 per kilogram in Tamil Nadu. It was Rs. 62 last month and is expected to jump by another Rs 20 a kilo in the next few months.

I wonder what the average people over there will eat with these kind of ridiculous prices. The government has to do something about this.

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World’s Hottest Curry

My friend Geetha forwarded this article about the world’s hottest curry prepared by an Indian chef in a London restaurant.

The lamb curry named Bolly Burner, measures 855,000 on the Scoville scale – over 100 times hotter than the jalapeno pepper. He was inspired by the Andhra cuisine and uses Naga peppers and seeds.

From the article:

Before ordering the curry diners are required to sign a disclaimer saying they are aware of the nature and risks involved with tasting the curry before eating it.

This curry may not be on the menu everyday though.

… he said the Bollywood Burner may not regularly appear on the menu: “I would create it on demand for customers but will not include it all the time. I think it’s just too extreme a dish.”

The Bollywood Burner is being submitted to the Guinness World Records for verification of its status as the world’s hottest curry. The results should be announced in two to three weeks.

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