Unboxing and Reviewing Logitech K400 Wireless Touch Keyboard

J Technology’s James reviewing the Logitech K400 Wireless Touch keyboard.


GRE Word List iPhone app

If you are preparing for the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), you may find my GRE Word List iPhone app useful in the verbal section.

GRE Word List (Full):


✔ Favorites – you can add words to your favorite list and edit/delete them.
✔ Search – search for any given word or words in the list.
✔ Edit notes – Edit quick notes about any particular word for reference.
✔ Fast navigation using finger flick or navigating using left and right arrows.
✔ Words are indexed and listed alphabetically with smooth scrolling.

GRE Word List (Lite):

Download the app today.

Link to GRE Word List (Full):

Link to GRE Word List (Lite):

Please send your comments, feedback and suggestions for improvement here. Thank you.

December 2009 Web Server Survey – nginx grows


In the latest Netcraft December 2009 web server survey, Nginx web server showed a substantial growth of 0.53% since last month. Good news for Nginx users.

Most of the other web servers Apache, IIS, qq.com and lighttpd have a reduction in usage.

I’m a big fan of Nginx and use it on most of the development and production websites. Apart from the low memory footprint as compared to Apache’s huge memory consumption, web pages load on Nginx very fast.

Personally, I prefer Nginx taking all the HTTP load and proxying the PHP/Perl/Python requests to Apache. Other ways of running PHP and Perl scripts are by forwarding those requests to a FastCGI server.

I’ve also tried PHP-FPM on a development machine; PHP has to be patched and rebuilt for this. But since PHP-FPM has not been maintained for a while, I decided against using it for production servers. (Looks like they have made some progress with PHP-FPM).

Are you a new convert to Nginx? What do you like most about this webserver? Which method do you prefer for running PHP/Perl/Python scripts?

Starbucks offers free pastry on July 21 morning

Starbucks is offering a free pastry on the morning of July 21st, from opening to 10:30am. Well, its not *totally free*, you have to buy coffee and they’ll give you the pastry free.

All you have to do is get there between opening and 10:30 am (or until they run out, whichever is earlier) and either show them the coupon or show it on their cell phones when they place the order. Read More.

In other unrelated news, Starbucks is opening a new bunch of stores – not tagged with the “Starbucks” name – that sell liquor along with coffee. There will be no logo, no sign, nothing. Just the local neighborhood name. Hope they rake in a little extra $$ and lower the prices of their coffee.