Installing Ubuntu Linux on Sony PSP

I installed Ubuntu 7.10 version 1.0 on my Sony PSP an hour ago. It was easy and my PSP runs firmware 3.95 GEN 2. If you have official Sony firmware on your PSP, it won’t be of any use.

Here’s a screenshot of Ubuntu on my PSP. And its not a genuine ported Ubuntu, its just a shell application emulating Ubuntu.
Ubuntu 7.10 on your PSP

psp ubuntu loading

Read my tutorial if you want to install Ubuntu on your PSP.


9 thoughts on “Installing Ubuntu Linux on Sony PSP

  1. you do know that emulating Ubuntu on a PSP is redundant, as you are emulating Ubuntu ON Ubuntu. There is a chip embedded behind the battery containing the PSP GUI that, once removed, will cause the device to boot straight to Ubuntu Linux, and still have the ability to play UMD software. A friend of mine actually installed Windows 7 on his PSP!

      • No point of being so mean you can just explain! Windows 7 requires at lease 1GB of ram and the psp has only i believe 32MB…So in that case it is impossible! But if you see your friend using Win7 on his PSP that means her is either running a Portal or a LUA Emulation. And no it is not that easy to rewrite the PSP firmware. I mean it is possible but its just easier to use the original PSP Firmware (OFW or CFW Doesn’t Matter)….So tell your friend to stop making up stuff…..

    • Well I know What win7 you’re talking about
      first it’s not a win7 real but it’s a swf file
      and it’s That ubuntu cannot even create a file how
      u canot even install programme on it :/

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