Earth Hour – a joke

On March 29, many people turned off the lights for an hour from 8pm to 9pm local time to signify that they were “saving” energy (whatever they mean by energy). Very nice, turn off your electrical gadgets for one hour, and then after 9pm, turn on the lights, air conditioners, office lights (maybe all night), flashing decorative lights (oh, these were probably never turned off!), various home gadgets, etc. And then get into the car and drive one block for a crate of coke, circle around the area for 10 whole minutes looking for a parking spot, <<INSERT THE REST HERE>>.

google earth hour arul johnAnd then, there was Google which jumped on the bandwagon by changing its background to black instead of the usual white.

The funny thing is that black background web pages may use up MORE energy than white background web pages and Google had itself acknowledged the study.

Anyway, Michelle Malkin has more about this and the 1 million phone calls that “eco-friendly” activists intend to make to lawmakers on Earth Day – wonderful way of saving energy indeed!

Read more on her blog here.


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