Bobby Fischer dead

bobby fischerThe former World Chess Champion and current US fugitive Bobby Fischer died today in Iceland of an unspecified illness.

Best known for beating Boris Spassky in 1972, Bobby Fischer lived an eccentric and controversial life.

I would have said RIP Fischer if not for his comments on 911 and his several anti-semitic attacks. He was a great chess player nonetheless.

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4 thoughts on “Bobby Fischer dead

  1. They didn’t mention that on TV for obvious political reasons.

    Its really sad, given the fact that he had a high IQ (over 180), redefined the game totally for the rest of the world and WAS JEWISH HIMSELF!!

  2. Yes, his fame began and ended with his matches, the most important being his 1972 match against Spassky in Iceland and his streak of 20 consecutive tournament victories!

    Thats one of the main reasons (for old times sake) Iceland gave him refuge and prevented him from being deported to the US. And he died in Iceland.

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