Netfirms Registration

Today during lunch break, I decided to try out Netfirms Inc.’s domain registration signup process after hearing a lot about their services and customer service.

Netfirms Inc is said to charge only $4.95 per year for domain name registration. I went to the signup page and began entering my details. After selecting the bare minimum, this is what I got. Looks like their domain name registration is $5.95 and not $4.95

netfirms arul john

And, hey wait a minute! Shipping 7.95?? Shipping for what? How do you “ship” a domain name…and by US First Class Mail? Interesting, but I’m not interested any more. I’ll go with or They are cheaper and don’t carry any extra costs or surprises at runtime. Time to get back to work.


6 thoughts on “Netfirms Registration

  1. Dear Hostjury guy (David ?): I thought the manual would be as a PDF file because my former and current webhosting companies have their manuals in PDF files. The only physical object mentioned was the Website Starter CD.

    But then, you’re the webhost review king, you know more about them. 😀

    Offtrack, I like your website The reviews are very useful and to the point!

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