$200 Ubuntu Linux PC in stores

Wal-Mart is selling the first mass-produced $200 desktop PC running Ubuntu Linux. This PC comes with a 1.5 Ghz VIA C7 CPU embedded in a Mini-ITX motherboard, 512MB of RAM and an 80GB hard drive and is nicknamed gPC. It has a DVD burner and runs the Enlightenment desktop.

Here’s what the gPC looks like:


Here’s a screenshot of the Enlightment desktop on the gPC:

gPC desktop

According to the article,

By using the fast Enlightenment desktop manager (instead of heavier-duty alternatives like Gnome or KDE), the makers say it’s more responsive than Vista is, even on more powerful computers.

Its available in 650 Wal-Mart stores around the US. Read more here.

Update: Apparently, Wal-Mart encased this actually small sized motherboard in a large box because it was targeted for the really average users who believe size matters! Thanks to David Douthitt for pointing out this part.


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