My First Google Gadget

I finally published the first of my Google gadget after postponing for months.

My Google gadget displays your IP address (even if you are behind most proxies), hostname, Internet Service Provider (ISP) and country name. I have not included city name because it is not possible to poinpoint a city to IP addresses. The information displayed is accurate most of the time.

Here’s a screenshot:

IP address tracker

To get this gadget on your customised Google page, click on the button below.

Add to Google

Any suggestions for improvements are welcome.


2 thoughts on “My First Google Gadget

  1. Naaice! Since these kinda things are common nowadays, try sprucing up urs and make it ‘different’. Like adding the OS & Browser info. I rmr seeing one site that showed me that I had my pop-up blocker turned on…mebbe you can add something of that sort.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion YCR. I initially included OS and Browser info too, but removed it later because I wanted to focus on ISP name (which is not found in most of the show-my-IP gadgets). But yes, I’ll include them again.


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