Free Solaris 10 OS DVDs

Taking a clue from Ubuntu Shipit, Solaris is giving away DVDs of its Solaris 10 operating system and Sun Studio 11 free of charge.

It supports the Sparc and x86 platforms.

Get your free copies from here!


4 thoughts on “Free Solaris 10 OS DVDs

  1. i requested for the solaris dvds on the aug 02 and got a confimation email as well tht i ‘d be getting the dvd in 4 weeks, its almost 8 weeks now.. where are my dvds.. also they say tht they dont sent dvd to certain countries.. does tht include india as well ?

  2. Hi shushek. They stopped sending free Solaris DVDs from August 1. My colleague at work ordered for them on July 29 and I ordered for them on August 1. He got his DVDs within 10 days, and I didn’t get mine – Sun said that the DVDs were no longer free from August 1 onwards.


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