526,000 ThinkPad batteries recalled

Now, its the turn of ThinkPad laptop owners to return their Sony batteries for a free replacement. These Sony batteries have been shown to pose a fire hazard. Unless you want your laptop to explode because of these batteries, visit the Lenevo website at http://www.lenovo.com/batteryprogram and get your free battery replacement.

The batteries affected are used by these ThinkPad laptops:

T Series (T43, T43p, T60)
R Series (R51e, R52, R60, R60e)
X Series (X60, X60s).

The batteries affected have these model numbers on their label:
ASM P/N 92P1072, 92P1088, 92P1142 or 92P1170;
FRU P/N 92P1073, 92P1089, 92P1141, 92P1169 or 93P5028.


Linux taking over Indian schools and offices

Linux is making its presence felt in India, finally! Some 2,600 schools in the state of Kerala are shifting over to Linux. Over the next two years, Linux will totally replace Windows and be the sole operating system in schools. Linux is already being used in several government agencies, but I think this really takes the cake. Microsoft is trying to reach out to the Indian masses and reduce piracy by offering Windows XP for around $20. And this edition of Windows XP comes with 10 Indian languages.

As the race continues, hopefully the Linux enthusiasts will help as catalysts in promoting this wonderful operating system.

Just 3% of India’s PCs use Linux. Still, that’s about triple the level in the U.S. “We expect India to be the first country to use Linux extensively over a large user base across many sectors by the end of the decade,” says Deepak Phatak, an open-source evangelist from Bombay’s famed Indian Institute of Technology. Two years ago, he took a yearlong sabbatical to travel across the subcontinent and make a push for Linux.

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Ubuntu Linux Christian Edition

I just found that Ubuntu has a Christian Edition that is geared for Christian Linux users. It includes Christian software including GnomeSword, a Bible study program, Daily Bible Verse feature, Bibles, Dictionaries and Dansguardian, a parental controls software. This Ubuntu Christian Edition runs Gnome as its default desktop.

If you want to support them financially, they have some nice t-shirts, caps, dolls, buttons and other merchandise on sale.

christian ubuntu

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